Year 6

Year 6

We are looking forward to sharing our discoveries, accomplishments and talents with you over the coming year...  

The children have quickly risen to the challenge of being the oldest in the school. They have volunteered for various roles within school and are all fulfilling their roles most diligently. We are very proud of you.

Our classes have been researching Ludwig Guttmann and the history of the Paralympics.

Year 6 Maths this term focusses on revision of all concepts covered in KS2. Time will also be spent ensuring the children become fluent in computation. Hopefully the children will grow to enjoy our problem solving activities too. Through these tasks, they will develop their use of precise mathematical language.

In Science we are examining the ways in which living things are classified. Linking to our work in Literacy, the children will be researching the life and times of Linnaeus.  We will be looking at the work of Charles Darwin and beginning our topic on Electricity as well as revising for K.D.

In History, the children are looking at their home city through ‘Made in Manchester’.

The focus in Art is Lowry and perspective. The children will also use Morpho and Photoshop for their work.


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