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North Cheshire Jewish Primary School

North Cheshire

Jewish Primary School


  • Why do you need to check the tyres on your bike? What would happen if they were flat?
  • Can you see parts of the gearing system?
  • Why is it important to keep the chain oiled?
  • How many different types of bikes can you name? Which would you choose for different purposes, such as a long ride, a speed event or performing tricks?
  • Why is it good to have lights on a bike?
  • What would you do if your bike wasn’t working properly? What do you need to check?            Year 5 have been enjoying some great sessions with the Bikeability Crew. Thanks to Gordon, Nick and the rest of the team, the children in Year 5 have spend a very enjoyable time refining their cycling skills and learning more about how to stay safe whilst enjoying a fabulous form of sustainable transport. Keep up the good work, guys!