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North Cheshire Jewish Primary School

North Cheshire

Jewish Primary School

Drama in Maths- The Black Hole Challenge

How many different ways can you measure the area of the black hole?

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Woolf has asked me here today to help sort out a problem that the school has. It seems that some mysterious black holes that have suddenly appeared in some of his school's classrooms over the weekend. He and I have absolutely no idea how these black holes got here, nor how deep they are. Or indeed, who is responsible for them. But we do need to order some materials to sort them out and we especially need to know which one is the largest so we can deal with that one first.

Could you help us?

Just be very careful where you stand- we don't want to loosing any children today, do we!"

Investigating ways to find irregular areas and considering the value of approximations.