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Internet Safety for Parents

Please find below links to websites that help children keep safe and help you with internet safety awareness to help your children.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command


Are you worried about the way someone has been communicating with you or your child online? You can click on the button to make a report to one of CEOP's Child Protection Advisors. 

The website below also has a range of information about keeping yourself or a child you know safe from child sexual exploitation.

Net Aware

The purpose of the Net Aware guide is to provide parents with the information they need to understand their child's online world and help them keep their children safe online. Type in the name of an app / website to find out which ages it is most suitable for.

Balancing screen time

Get simple tips to put balance and purpose behind screen time to help young children benefit from their screen use.

Posters are below for 0-5, 5-7 and 7-11 years old. Click the link for more information. 


 Link to E-safety for Parents

Additional useful links -

we have kept the links, so the content is always the latest.



Welcome parents and carers! In this section you will find all the information you need to keep your child safe online.
Childnet have produced a new section dedicated to parents: 
"The internet is always changing, and being able to keep up to date with your children's use of technology can be a challenge, especially if you feel that your children may have better technical skills than you do. However, children and young people still need support and guidance when it comes to managing their lives online and using the internet positively and safely."

E-Safety for Children

Here are a sample of websites that we use in school to help teach children how to stay safe when using the internet.

Be Internet Awesome

Children can play their way to being Internet Awesome with Interland, an online adventure that puts the key lessons of digital safety into hands-on practise with four challenging games.

Stay Safe


CEOP is here to keep children safe from sexual abuse and grooming online. CEOP are unable to respond to reports about bullying, fake accounts or account hacking.

We are here to help and give you advice, and you can make a report directly to us if something has happened online which has made you feel unsafe, scared or worried. This might be from someone you know in real life, or someone you have only ever met online.  We take all reports seriously and we will do everything we can to keep you safe.

As well as making a report to us, the CEOP Thinkuknow website has information and advice to help you if something has happened to you online.

If you are experiencing online bullying or something else online has worried you please speak to an adult you trust, or you can talk to Childline at any time on 0800 1111 or at
The CBBC Stay Safe site has lots of information on how to keep safe. 
Can you help the Horrible Histories gang stay safe online!

Quiz: Can you keep Dodge safe online?

Click on your age group to see how you can keep safe on the internet.


Welcome to the children's activity zone! The internet is a wonderful place to explore and discover new things, to connect and communicate with others and to be creative.


Follow our SMART rules:

5 Top Tips to stay safe online!

The SMART Crew

The SMART Adventure illustrates Childnet’s SMART rules and includes a real life SMART Crew of young people who guide the cartoon characters in their quest and help them make smart online decisions.


Childnet KidSMART
For anyone aged 3-11 years old.
Learn about your Internet safety on adventures with Smartie the Penguin, or Captain Kara and the SMART Crew.

Internet Safety Pledge

Below is our Internet Image Pledge, which all children discuss with their class teacher and sign to show they understand it. 

We also have some SMART Rules. Click below to download them now.