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North Cheshire Jewish Primary School

North Cheshire

Jewish Primary School

Holocaust Memorial Day

"I think tht Marianne Cohn was probably unsure about giving up her own life but did it all the same... I think that everyone should know about the bravery and horrors of the holocaust. " (Abigail)

"Marianne Cohn was a resistance fighter and was murdered by the Gestapo for trying to help rescue people and help other children to escape. One of my biggest fears is that some idiots will come to start World War 3 and I will have to leave my family for many years or even forever," (Ethan)

"I hope that the assembly helped the Year 3s to understand how sad the holocaust was. I think that people like Marianne Cohn should be remembered for what they did to help." (Jacob)

"I am concerned about genocide because it's not fair on other people to be targetted just because of their race or religion." (Iwinosa)

"We need to remember how lucky we are." (Sophia R)

"I think that every school should talk about the holocaust. Marianne Cohn should have lived for saving 200 children." (Daniel)

"I noticed that the Year 3 and 4's were very interested in the assembly because they were staring and gaping...they could learn how sad but interesting it was. I think that everyone in the world needs to know about not just the holocaust but also about WWII because people need to know how lucky they are." (Ittamar)