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North Cheshire Jewish Primary School

North Cheshire

Jewish Primary School

Impact of P.E. Funding: 2016-2017

Impact of Government Funding for P.E.


To promote and deliver high quality P.E.

To encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for all children.

To ensure high profile of P.E.

To increase leadership opportunities



Multi Skills Provision for Key Stage 1


Lunchtime – whole year - Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays


Playground/Carmel Hall

Lunchtime Provision for Key Stage 1 children

All Key Stage 1 children have access (on a rota system) to lunchtime multi skills activities. These are delivered by an experienced coach from Progressive Sports. Activities have included throwing and catching skills, target throwing, bat and ball skills, teamwork etc The children have shown tremendous enthusiasm during these sessions and have learnt to encourage each other and to think of ways to improve their performances.

We have noticed improved skills and increased physical activity during lunch times.



Football – whole year



Astroturf pitches


Summer Term – 3 tennis nets, rackets and tennis balls provided for Key Stage 2 children – main playground

Key Stage 2 children have access to the Astroturf and 3G pitches every lunchtime.

Size 4 footballs are provided.

Supervision is provided by teaching staff and TAs

The impact of extra space has been an increase in physical activity as well as improved skills and better teamwork.


Impact – increased physical activity, especially from some of the children who might not automatically choose a sports activity, This is as a result of the children choosing to play “King of the court” –a more inclusive tennis game.

Tennis skills have greatly improved.


Leadership - 14 year 6 children were trained as Young Ambassadors - they ran lunchtime clubs, organised sports equipment and helped at after school clubs. 3 of our leaders were chosen as Young Ambassador for Stockport,








Multi skills

Thursdays –all day

Reception –Year 6

We have used the majority of the funding to provide the children with high quality P.E. lessons from a specialised coach.

Progressive Sports have provided a coach with specialised training to deliver high quality coaching for every year group. Each class had 1 Term of coaching during the year. We decided to try to provide a sport which the children haven’t had access to previously.

As a result of the childrens’ enthusiasm during these sessions, we run a very successful dodgeball club.


Tennis coaching – Russell Lawrence

6 sessions - Year 4

Year 4 have accessed 6 sessions of tennis coaching from a tennis coach from Cheadle Tennis Club.


Dodgeball –specialised coach

Year 6

Year 6 have had dodgeball coaching from a specialised coach during one term,


Sports Days

Both Key Stages held a competitive Sports Day with every child taking part in individual races and a house relay.

Extra Curricular Activities

The extra curricular activities have been very well attended during the year.

Monday – ballet –lunch time –all year groups

-          football -3:30-5:00pm – Reception -Year 6

-          netball -3:30-4:30pm –Key Stage  2

Tuesday football -  3:30 -4:30pm - Year 2- Y6

Wednesday – tennis -3:30pm-4:30pm –Y2- Y6

Thursday – 3:30-4:30pm -dodgeball–Y2 year groups


Year 6 took part in football tournaments run by Progressive Sports - NCJPS hosted one of the tournaments - our 1st team won the tournament.

Year 5/6 took part in the Legacy Games tennis tournament – 6 teams

Year 4 took part in the Cluster tennis tournament 


Sainsburys vouchers are collected and then used to purchase new equipment to encourage high quality P.E. lessons eg hockey sticks, rounders equipment, tennis equipment.

Healthy and active playtimes – tennis balls, playground balls, footballs, skipping ropes