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North Cheshire Jewish Primary School

North Cheshire

Jewish Primary School

Keeping Safe: CST Workshops- Anti-bullying and staying safe online

Year 5 have recently enjoyed taking part in a couple of workshops this term which focused their attention on ways to keep safe. The children excelled in the drama workshops to develop their understanding of bullying. They took part in freeze frame activities, where they had to not only consider different scenarios where bullying could occur but also think about how it would feel to be the bully or the onlooker in these different situations. They also experimented with body language, seeing how power poses and eye contact affected their confidence levels.

The session about ways to stay safe online (also led by CST) was also very engaging. It reminded us how to stay safe online and why it is so important to share any worries that you may have with an adult. The children again enjoyed a range of activities and spoke maturely about their concerns and experiences.