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North Cheshire Jewish Primary School

North Cheshire

Jewish Primary School

Mission Statement

North Cheshire Jewish Primary

Mission Statement:

  • North Cheshire Jewish Primary offers a highly motivating and academic atmosphere where children are encouraged and supported to reach their full potential.
  • Children are confident and proud about their Judaism and have a strong identity regarding their own community and the State of Israel.
  • Moral and ethical values are developed in order that children become good citizens and are taught to have understanding of different religions, races and ways of life.
  • The school prides itself on its caring and inclusive policy.
The School Aims

At North Cheshire Jewish Primary we aim to:

  • Create a collaborative “can do” inclusive learning environment and culture in which every member of the learning community is valued and respected, including equality of opportunity for all
  • Encourage all members of the school community to have high expectations of themselves, academically, morally, emotionally and socially
  • Be an educational centre that works with every member of the community and recognises and praises their achievements
  • To provide an enriched curriculum enabling pupils to gain a wide range of skills and knowledge to achieve high standards
School Values

Pupils who are:

Well-behaved, independent, resilient, confident, knowledgeable and positive in their attitudes towards others and themselves

A school which:

Is a happy place, feels safe, encourages all and makes the school community proud

Education which:

Is based on high expectations, is broad and balanced, creative and enjoyable. Brings out full potential, encourages a thirst for knowledge and promotes skills for lifelong learning

A partnership which

Involves Parents / Carers in the education of their child/ren based on trust and mutual understanding, involves community and benefits all whilst promoting tolerance and respect for all