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North Cheshire Jewish Primary School

North Cheshire

Jewish Primary School

Water Survey Around School

As part of our geography project the children surveyed where classroom water points are located. They looked at a scale plan diagram of the school, made a colour key to code each item e.g. taps, toilets etc. and filled in the plan.

The children really got involved in the survey and were able to distingush the differences between electrical and water pipes, as well as isolating vales. We look forward to locating where the stopcock (stop tap) in school is located... but will make sure not to turn it off!

  • Water (1)

    Water (1).JPG
    Water (1)
  • Water (2)

    Water (2).JPG
    Water (2)
  • Water (3)

    Water (4).JPG
    Water (3)
  • Water (4)

    Water (5).JPG
    Water (4)
  • Water survey

    Water survey