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North Cheshire Jewish Primary School

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Jewish Primary School

Year 1 News

Mad Maths!    13.5.13

Over the last weeks we have been going crazy over our maths! We have worked really hard trying to add/ subtract 9 and 11 onto a two digit number. We have had to learn to add / subtract 10 and then adjust by one.

Click on the website link below to complete a quick quiz. Have fun!

add 9 quiz -

add 11 quiz-

subtract 9/ 11 quiz-



         Our African Visitor       

This week we have had a visitor come and talk to us about what it is like to live in Africa . Hepzi and Rosies' Grandma kindly came to speak about living in Nigeria. The children thought of lots of questions to ask her.

Look in the gallery for the photos.     



African Arts Week 4th-8th March




We had great fun during our Arts Week. The children took part in lots of activities which involved making African masks and African jewellery. The children designed their masks, thinking about what they will need and then evaluated their work after. We used clay, papier mache and craft materials to make the beads and masks.

Spring Term 2013

This term we are learning about Africa and in particular Kenya. We will be learning about where Africa is in the world and where kenya is on the map.


Science- growing plants

Over the last few weeks, we have understood how to plant our own bean plants. We have been looking closely at the changes and recorded these into our bean plant diaries. We have discussed that the plants grow best near some light, heat and have water regularly.

Click on the website below to investigate growing plants.


Art- the Adire Cloth

We are studying about a cloth which comes from Nigeria in Africa. We have looked at what symbols have been used in the cloth and what a symbol is. We then looked at what things are important in our lives and how we can show these things as a symbol. We drew the symbols in our sketchbooks and then we will transfer these images onto cloth using pens and ink.

Click on the link below to see the Adire cloth in the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester.




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