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Reading Comprehensions

Below are some stand-alone reading comprehensions (so you can do them in any order). They are grouped by level. Choose the level which challenges you, aiming towards having a go at some of the Level 4 comprehensions.


Book Reading Level
 AR Bookfinder
Do you have a book at home which you would like to read?
Go to this website to see if it is suitable book level?



By the end of Year 4, children need to know all their times table facts to 12x12.

Please practice these with your child at home. It is good practice to mix up questions, so they don't learn facts in order!


In Year 4, there is a new statutory times tables check in June. This test will be online and will test all times tables  facts up to 12x12. The children are required to answer each question in under 6 seconds to score, so speed is of vital importance!

In order to prepare, the children have been using the fantastic resource called Times Tables Rockstars.

Please encourage your child to log in at home and practice, especially the garage, studio and soundcheck games. Soundcheck imitates the format of the real tables check.


Other helpful resources to support maths at home (including times tables practice) include:

Mathsframe Multiplication Times Table Check

Math Playground Space Invaders

Top Marks

Manga High

NRICH (Cambridge University Faculty of Mathemetics)


Please ask Mrs Krywonos if you have any questions.